Reporticus : Dinks – Photographicus: Dinks

We once again were invited to the third year of Weston Wheels. An event like no other, in that it is as close to a cruise as you’re going to get without the Rozzers ramming their big black truncheons up your bottom holes.
We enjoyed the journey down, it was a nice sunny day, that just seemed to get better the closer to Weston we got. SJ, Dinks and Cooper in his mental V6 van were the crew. Bass thumping we were in the mood.

We had to get our advertising sorted and we’re sure the Avon and Somerset Constabulary would have enjoyed seeing SJ writing on Cooper windscreen!!!

But on our arrival we discovered a bit of a problem…. big queues from the motorway into Weston. We tried using our sneaky local knowledge to get round it, which to a certain extent helped, but still we were stuck baking gently to a state that Jamie Oliver would be proud of in a line of traffic waiting to get into the event.
Further problems arose when we got to the event, oh yes the digital camera appeared to be playing up, it seemed to refuse to take pictures of anything other than sexy arse and boobs… damn camera, well thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it!.

Its a bugger when that happens, but what can you do?

The event seemed much bigger than last year, and was certainly more spread out, with the club cars more in evidence than before. Entertainment being provided by people on a huge stage, such as some girls with far too much clothing on singing video killed the radio star, who were they again? anyway far too many clothes. They tried hard to gather the masses to look at them, but I am sure if they just once shouted out, “quick over here lads were going to get our fun-bags out!” then the viewing area would have be stacked full of blokes!.

Did I mention it rained a bit?, well it did! just a little! Everyone scurried for what little cover there was as it dropped every litre of water there was hiding in the clouds!.. made for a few good wet T-shirts though!!!! but we weren’t looking honest ladies!!! (you’re not telling the truth there are you?) ok we letched.. but we are Mental Motors we’re allowed to!.

We were very proud of Tristan and the crew for one thing they provided at Weston Wheels 2003, yes for the first time at any car/cruise type event, for those of us that had broken the speed limit on the way down, or had evil sinful thoughts of loud exhaust conversions we’d love to do, or that naughty thing we did with our girlfriend last night… we could rest in relief as here were the first mobile Confessionals. Just enter and confess, and so many were provided, but then we can imagine the priest was pretty busy dealing with so much debauchery from the cruisers gathered there. If you entered the confessional as I felt I must after thoughts of putting a V8 in a shopping trolley, you could peer through the little mesh all the round to the end with little heads poking out all the way round!. I felt so much more relieved when I left.

Did I mention there were cars there? well there were. Very nice they were too, some extremely well modified bits of metal (and filler and bits of plastic) were on view.
Adjacent is a very sexy Saxo, with hooj tail pipes… forgot to ask what the engine size was but I presume its not jet powered like it looks as though it should be!

The police were on hand to show everyone what not to do when out on the road, as if anyone would? and had brought along their trusty mangled Rover 200, isn’t it about time they crashed a different car for us to look at.
And if you were looking for parts, there were large quantities of moding bits, mind you we would have liked a few cheapy bits and bobs, it seemed if you wanted bodykits, and big mods then you were well catered for, but those of us that fancied a few trick bits like lights and graphics of a smaller than fast and furious nature were to be disappointed

But back to the women, and the Fuel stand as usual kept everyone occupied with their naughty ladies handing out lollipops to people man enough to go get them!

All in all the event seems to have been a success yet again, and with the addition of things like the funfair, had something to keep everyone amused!.

We look forward to next year and hopefully Mental Motors will be holding a stand there!