So whats that all about? The “Slow Thing”? FFS ???? Its a new thing here in the UK, traffic gets vaguely busy, a queue almost forms and then a load of weird do-gooders start the “slow thing”… they sit for a while and let the traffic move in front of them then they crawl along leaving a humungous gap in front of them… and presumably think they are keeping the traffic flowing.. or is it they are trying to avoid the start-stop tech on their car doing what its meant to do, save them fuel and keep emissions down? FFS it drives us mad… if ever there was a time I was sitting in my car wishing I had just seen M (007’s mate) and he’d fitted those headlight dropping down guns sliding out things to my car or better some heat seeking rockets.. thats the time I think of that.. for fuck sake the traffic lights just went red while you were doing the slow thing, or seventeen people just pulled in front of you while you’re doing the slow thing.. what the fuck is the matter with you??? just DRIVE!!!

Please lord, or Santa Claus, give me front facing heat seeking missles in my car for christmas…. or before.. like now… anytime would be good.. FFS.. really? JUST STOP IT!

** End of Rant ***


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