The email arrived, a VIP invite to the Carisma and Fuel launch party. Two names we know well in the industry, Carisma for their car modification bits and bobs… leather interiors, performance mod’s.. you only have to see their show car to know what they are all about. Then there was Fuel, well known in our books for pumping bass, and naughty ladies dancing on their big yank tanks with not much more than a tantalising thong on. mmmm

Well as you can imagine we were shocked and horrified to be invited to such an event being such morally sound, politically correct people that we are. Never in our right minds would we ever consider going to a party that forced us to listen to pumping tunes, look at the best modded cars, and endure top babes prancing around us in close quarters with not much more on that a small length of dental floss. Fortunately as you all well know, we have so long since left our right minds far far behind and so we pulled Hannah’s hand off to be there!

And indeed when we got to the party, we were pleased to find ourselves in the land of letch!… some very nice ladies were there to dance about for our enjoyment, and it seemed the general spirit of any other ladies was to join in. The boobs were firm and fruity, the tunes seriously loud and larey, and the bottoms were lovely and pert too… Oh and the modded cars were pretty spectacular!.

Cars consisted of nothing of the usual fair.. no Saxo’s or Scoobies… nope we had several extremely sexy Beemers, what I presume is a Honda /Integra/ prelude???? the yellow one below.. you decide… A manta with a bug catcher big enough to eat a small Albatross or two. Some low riders with the usual hydraulic mayhem. And of course Fuel and Carisma’s own show cars…

Certainly it was a great way to launch two excellent websites, were you can indulge your wildest fantasies of Car modding, and mad music/neon’s etc etc..

Top Tip…
Sit your missus on your computers bass woofer and Check out the Fuel Sexsonic Resonator – set it to “kill” at somewhere around 33Hz.. and watch your missus and your speakers short-circuit! [at your own risk.. could be messy.. recommended that you wear waterproof clothing!]