Yes not like it sounds, a cheesy show name… THE CAR SHOW 2000… no really this was when we visited the Ultimate Street Car show at Santa Pod raceway back in august 2000.

Anyway we’ll post our old report and photos here, I might omit some of my old text… its of its time… so perhaps not now… So if you can remember being there, perhaps your motor of the time has made it onto our page and you can relive the memories.

Ultimate Street Car Y2k
18th/19th/20th August

Ultimate Street Car is one of the events we always make time to visit every year. Its one of the best places to be for a weekend of petrol-headed, hot hatch mayhem. Its also the place to be for a good dose of top babes… ok so most are attached and dragged along by their blokes, but some are not.

Getting our proirities right, below are some of the views we managed to take in…

The Fast Car mag stand kindly provided everyone (males anyway) something nice to lay their eyes on. I’ve never seen so many people watch two people washing a car!!! On the car side of things, few things stole the show more that the Jet funny cars.. Pratt & Witney J60 powered (Fireforce 2) and Fireforce 1 had everyones attention.

Fireforce 1, has a larger engine, but apparently this only produces half the thrust of the second car. But these guy’s must be completely and utterly mental. The driver sits in the little metal tub directly NEXT to the jet engine. Ok yes there is some armour protection, but would you sit next to that? not me!

The experience behind the jet car is something you can only fully understand after you’ve been stupid enough to do so. You firstly stand there looking in awe… then they dump gallons of diesel down the jet while building thrust, and that hits you in the face. Trouble with that is you can’t breathe, I mean literally you can not breathe! Then the force of the jet thrust hits you along with every particle that happens to be lying on the ground previously, down to the last molecule!. Next stage is to become deaf, as the car is loud, infact let me re-phrase that for those that were there behind it, the jet car IS VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BLOODY LOUD! Lastly it sets off, can you see it go? no!… So my advice is, however tempting it may seem, view from the bank. Did I mention how hot it gets back there too??? the bank becomes very attractive!

Then next thing you know, its just done a 6 second quarter mile… the J60 car did a 6 second quarter and topped 258 mph!!!! hmmm thats quick!

Show and Shine

The show and shine competition was worth a look, see the pics below and judge the standard for yourself.

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