Some time back we were lucky enough to experience the excitement of the Porsche 911 turbo.  Not just any 911 Turbo, but the awesome flat nosed version.   But this was an extremely highly tuned modified beast.

If I remember correctly our good friend, Mr Vince, got a load of grief for us running this report, due to my over indulgent metaphores for emphisysing the speed.  Yes it was very very fast, but in no way did Vince do anything that the car wasn’t happy to do, and it just laid back and gave everything it could to pleases us (ooo eeer misssus!)

This car was one seriously powerful bit of kit. (speed sanitised for today’s PC brigade.. best they don’t know what speeds were reached that day!!)

This Porsche 911 flatnose is like no other that I know of. It was originally mental, no doubting that, but somewhere along the way, between leaving the Porsche factory, passing through the RUF bodywork and tuning masters workshops, and arriving in its present state, it became transformed. It’s a bit like when you played the old arcade classic game “Defender”, when the little green alien reached the ground, collected the human and made his way back to the top of the screen. When he got there he mutated… somewhat like this car, he mutated into the kind of creature that hardly anyone knew how to control, and damn did he flash about the screen till you shot him!. The car is like that, it was never mild mannered, no 911 is, especially the flatnose turbo nutter car.

But this one took a turn which left it endowed with 625BHP to play with, and a tempting little boost control knob… oh how you look at it and wonder what would happen if you wound it right round to the stop… but deep down you know what would happen, and no car is worth meeting your maker for just yet, almost but not quite!

To look at the car is awesome, its wide enough to get it noticed. Heads turn, and that tail, well there is not a creature known to man that would have one to be a good description for it. The word Whale, is not enough!. Turn the lights on, and up pop sexy little headlamps. Open the doors and there are two nicely piped body hugging seats. That dash, walnut, somehow seems to suggest a calming influence, but then this is no boy-racers car, this was built for people who know how to handle a car, and want a challenge. And that the 911 always is.

The ignition key is turned one click, this pumping, groaning sound starts somewhere deep inside the back of the car. “Whats that?” I ask, “Oh thats just boat bilge pumps, they are for pumping the oil around the intercoolers. They are quite big, well they have to be, have you seen the Turbo’s?”. Oh yes, you noticed the plural, “turbo’s”.. this car has two extremely large turbos helping the engine engulf the air it needs.

Then the engine is fired up and a loud well tuned growl starts, typical Porsche engineering, that somehow uninimitable sound. Nothing sounds quite like the 911 engine, especially one that can breathe nice and freely like this one.

So we set off down the road, the urge is already there in just a slow growl down the road, you can feel that potential pushing you back into your seat. As she warms up nicely, Vince eases a little more out of her, until he comments “you’d better shut the window and sit back”, stupidly I ask why “well the back window is rumoured to pop out because of the air pressure as it accelerates, and your neck will get sore!” So I close the window, and sit back… at which point Vince eases the accelerator skillfully down, to maximise the pull without spinning the wheels.. my head and body feel strangely welded to the seat… as I pull my now inverted head back out with a pop using a bathroom plunger, the G-forces are somewhat strong, I manage to strain my head round to the speedo, I read *eeehheemmm*mph… hang on? we only just set off… I didn’t count the seconds, but then I didn’t have chance for that thought to enter my head before we have been catapulted into *cough*cough*mph…. Vince eases off. I’m able to breath again as my lungs can now open again after been clamped down by G-forces.

FOOKIN HELL, HOW QUICK?! I have NEVER been in anything quite like that before!, and I haven’t. My experience in the Ferrari was blindingly quick, but it was more civilised I suppose, you could drive it everyday, have loads of fun, but still stand a chance of keeping that driving license. But then this Porsche is powered by what is called raw power!. And did you know the two most certifiable facts about this car?, 1/ it used to run a Nitros kit!!!, and 2/ Its going to be running over 700BHP when several other mods, including water injection, are added in the near future!!!


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