Yes you thought you’d seen the last of us!  Like a very bad smell we just keep hanging around 🙂

So what have we missed? well yes the world moved on, and now we have flying cars and… what? we don’t? oh bollocks well what am I doing up here?

Anyway yes everyone is taking their own pics and posting online, so our little haven of testosterone is a place to hide away.  But yes we’ve evolved to, you can sign up and log in, you can easily comment on our crap articles, you can let us see your awesome stuff…

So what is Mental Motors doing now? well anything you like.  We are looking at Cars, Girls (as always like the letching pervs we are), Gaming, Tech and cool stuff.  In fact anything that catches our eye.

Being down with the kids like we are, we are still hugely into games, mostly PC but some other console stuff will creep in… so yes look forward to shite reviews of games you’ve already played and stuff you haven’t unless we can’t afford it or blag it for free.

Girls.. yep we’re still skirt chasing at car shows etc so you know the score there. Cars again we’ll give you our pointless opinion on new and old cars.  Tech yes tech.. you know anything that gets us damp… and somethings that haven’t broken too until we break them.  And stuff to make you titter hopefuly…

Yes you can find us on the evil book of face too and twatter as well.  Instagram? maybe? snapchat… erm maybe we shouldn’t go there…

We’ll also dig through our old stuff and hope that data protection isn’t an issue!


(ed – attached obligatory pervy images, you know boobs and stuff to this article)


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