Words vomited in a written fashion by Dinks : Soul stolen graphically by Dinks

As you know, we love silly cars here at MM, but the more silly they come the better. Well we don’t reckon the come much better than this. What is it? well its a Lister XJS convertible (they can see that!). It runs the V12 block, consuming 6 litres of fuel every cycle… now that’s silly. By the way, get your calculator out, that works out to 500cc’s per CYLINDER!. Now that’s what I call magic… (bugger off Paul).

So what’s it like on the road? its silly… Granny wouldn’t like it, she’d want ear plugs for a start, its loud… oh yes, it crackles and pops just like a well tuned engine should. Its power delivery is as smooth as Ernie’s best milk float delivery on ice. It has tyres so big that the kind of foot required on the gas to kick the bum out has to be like that of a giant.. seriously heavy as it just sticks and sticks to the road, that old toffee that’s been in my pocket for the last 12 years has nothing on it for sticking power really!.

The ride left me wishing my car sounded like that, oh it is so worth it for the looks and glances, if you want to be noticed, this is the ideal car for you. Nothing will do it better!

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