Mental Review! – Lamborghini Diablo
Waffle: Dinks, Foto’s Dinks, Car: Steve

I arrived at work and received a mysterious phone call… “Dinks, you might want to find your camera!”, it was Steve. “Why?” I asked, “Just look in the car-park!”… I started to have my suspicions, “You haven’t got it have you?” referring to the long awaited arrival of my blagged ride in the Diablo. “Yes, what else could it be!” Steve sarcastically replied!. So I made a trip out to get my digital camera and a few batteries!.

At the first opportunity I went to have a look at Steves throbbing beast, unfortunately his zipper was stuck … no not really… the car… There it was, sat in the carpark. I had fortunately brought some kitchen towel to mop up the flow of drool that was running down my chin. It was gorgeous.. no gorgeous doesn’t fully descibe it… but it was… sex… on wheels. Especially since it has the removable roof panel… oh yes..

I could have stood there all day, just drooling, until I had no drool left. You see it had always been a bit of a childhood fantasy to own its predecessor, the Countach, also a gorgeous car. To own a Diablo, must be like having the best looking girlfriend on your arm, just about every bloke you meet, anywhere in the world is going to envy you so bad it hurts! I just wanted to get inside her and see what she’d do!

Atlast I did, Steve arrived back at his machine, and opened the doors. These beasts have serious security.. this one is no different, what with tracking devices and top nads alarm systems.
But the bit I was waiting for was Steve putting that key in the ignition and firing her up! This is a sound that is unlike anything else you’ll here coming from an exhaust – well four… The shrill whine of the F1 racing style starter screams out, then blam.. there it is, in your face… twelve cylinders of pure pleasure, 492bhp at your control… oh baby!

As the car sits there and burbles meaningfully at you, the twin cooling fans cut in… is she going to take off now?… sounds like the jet engines starting as the fans force huge quantities of air through the two radiators. A look under the bonnet shows that this car was never designed to pop down to Safeways and do the weekly shop in, oh no, this baby was built purely for Adrenalin junkies, or very well off posers.
It’ll top 60 in a tad over 4 seconds, so bikers beware! this is one four wheeled beast that could just embarrass you! If you top that with the four wheel drive, you know this car is going to be exciting on the open road!.

After half a dozen other folks had got lost, my evil glare must have worked!.. I was so desperate to be taken out for the experience you see!. We set off, my heart was already racing as we turned out of the car park, then when we finally hit the open road, Steve eased the throttle open, then squish went my rib cages at that gorgeous collection of alloys and pipes forced us along the road ever faster I started to see what owning a Diablo was all about.

It stuck to the road like it was superglued there, and as you arrived at junctions and round-a-bouts you could hear the people in other cars being generally amazed at this sleak sexy creature that had just pulled up next to them. But didn’t they realise we could hear their every longing words as we sat there below the level of the smallest of cars?
This is one wierd factor, as you sit in a Diablo, you find you look up to every other car, and not just the lorries!

But I could live with that!… especially riding on those 335 tyres at the back… oh, how a chunk of rubber could look so sexy without being clothing on a particularly curvey ladies body I shall never know. [Mind you the ladies body, with tight rubber has still got my vote… ]

The stereo is a close second to the sexy wide rubber. To further enhance the statement that this car is not for the ordinary motorist, there is a Rockford Fosgate install as standard that would make some retro fits look pretty sad. And you know you have to be rich to own one of these when you see how many CD’s it’ll take!
Mind you with that loud V12 behind your ears you need a little more stereo power than usual.

We eventually arrived at my place, this was a good thing, because my face was starting to seize up with cramp caused by too much smiling… but I couldn’t help it, every squeaze of the accelerator brought new silly smiles to my face!

We had arrived to give Sj a go in the mental go-kart that is the Diablo. She sat in the car after we’d taken a few more pics and gained the standard Lambo Grin… quite cheesey if you ask me!
As you can imagine she enjoyed it lots too.

We both now want one!



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