So our good friend called one day, he was going to the Jap Show at Santa Pod. Unknown to us he’d been tinkering with a Mitsubishi MPV, it looked mild mannered, but had a hidden heart… that of an Evo!! It was the definition of what some call a Q car… (Named after Q boats from WW1 – designed to look nice and normal but really more weaponised that anyone expected).  This Q car really could do the stuff… but was also a great excuse to tag along and cover the Jap Show.  So we did.

After mis-directing Vince so we missed the junction by some miles… ooops… we eventually reached Santa Pod.  Vince’s ride was impressive on track beating cars that appeared quick but were no match..  although Vince said it still needed work!!!!  Anyway pics below of some of what we saw there!