Donny Show 2006 – Yep you guessed it we were there! as was some lucky winners of our competition!
Our first experience of the show set the scene, as we arrived a bit later than planned, we wondered over to Donington Park race track and were confronted with a mad loon sat astride a quad… he spun it around like he was riding in a pig rodeo, but no.. he was much more insane than that, as this quad is a jet powered one!

The sound was ear drum bursting… but the Dutch guy was mad.. completely.. here he is with several thousand pounds of thrust right next to his precious nads… that’s way more pounds than having an overweight female mud wrestler sat on you, … would you do it?

Of course there were a few cars there, ok there were loads.. in fact it was more heaving than a large heaving thing that had just started heaving.
An the added bonus for this year was a track to use! We were passed on the way there by a gorgeous Ferrari F40, yes it was a real one… I know you don’t get many to the pound .. but it was… and it not surprisingly turned up at Donny Show!.. along with a Lambo Murcielargo… hmmmmmm nice wheels… They must be some of the luckiest people.. to have such sex on wheels.. that is in their command to storm round the track with…

Also we had a bit of drifting going on, as well as a demonstration of how to do it round your nearest Tesco’s round-a-bout.. no not really only kidding.. but hey? its curvey! – shame my cars front wheel drive.. takes a damned sight more go-go-juice to get the tail out!

It was of course also heaving with women.. as it should be… why I don’t know.. but hey I enjoyed every one of them.. as much as the law would allow anyway! – the women themselves were of course heaving too.. with fantastic amounts of humongous cleavage.. god… I really did die and go to heaven?
As such I’ve tried to bring you the best of them.. the ones that let us accost them at least.. and how I wished I could be reborn right then and there as a smartcar… for the sake of being caressed by those lurvly ladies..

But no… still just pervy old letch-myster me.. oh well.. life’s a bitch..

Fast car didn’t help us either… they had so much heaving fun bags on offer it was unbelievable… and what about the “I’m a nob-head so get me out of here” contest? oh deary me… the bloke that ate his own puke to win… a whole £50… oh deary me… but hey on the bright side was the wet t-shirt comp which got nicely out of hand… shame my camera hand got too unsteady during the best bits.. sorry lads.. so many naked breasts too!

So if you missed it, WHAT THE F….!” why? get yourselves over there next year, or go to Donny South! stop missing all the action… its way too good as we keep telling you, such a fantastic way to start the motoring year!… and just gets better!