w0rd5 : d1NkS – P1cTUr35 : D1nK5

Twas the day of merriment, that was upon us on this day of our lord in the third year of the second millennium. It was a time, a time of heroes, nay more than that, a time of plastic, Kevlar, filler and paint clad knights of a round table of orgasmic tuning and tweakiness. Yeah, all hear how these dazzling, shining knights of the vehicular tuning world did do battle to be the best at their chosen skill. And what a battle they did treat us lucky subjects to, as the aura of such goodliness did stir emotions to tune our own steeds further. To concoct such modifications and clever trickery that Merlin himself would be somewhat proud of our newly gained skills and talents.
We stood amongst Gentry as we strode into the great hall of Doncaster Race course that day. In wonderment of the four wheeled mystical presences around us.

Some of our group that consisted of Vince of Letchmore, man of mechanical silliness, Cooper of the mystical Voyeurland, somewhat similar mechanical related chaos merchant, and myself, Dinks of Webpage. We found ourselves early on at the stand of Redline, a magazine of much quality, especially as MM feature maiden, Alana, was there that day, we said our hello’s and let her get back to inspecting the jolliment that was a game of Twister. A somewhat torturous game that involved forcing members of the public to be involved in a spectacle of close proximity antics with a model from the very magazine. We did find ourselves much in envy, although this public spectacle did seem somewhat tame, yes twas a cold day, but we still reckon the model should have been somewhat less clad that she was. Our perviness was dashed on this occasion.

We did later, when near the stand of the great Fuel music magicians find ourselves wishing we had been accompanied by a great magician to turn us into thongs, just for while the music played and the two fair maidens gyrated around the top of the Fuel muscle car of audio pleasure. Oh to be that Thong, being munched so merrily, and happily… I hope reincarnation exists if only for this singular possibility. As Vince, and Cooper with his camera of the video zoomed into the max, we once again found ourselves muchly turning into that famous knight of old, Letchalot.

The fair maidens of the Max Power, did indeed do us well, as they posed sexilly for us… whe hey! we said after thanking them kindly for their participation of our graphical capturing device. And not forgetting the Ripspeed ladies, dancing for everyones enjoyment, very nice!.
Indeed all the excitement seemed too much for a pair of lads in one car… But indeed aside from the maidens of much gorgeousness, there were indeed cars at this car show, and they too did gain our scrutiny. We saw many very admirable works of art on wheels. On the Gallery page is whence you will see all. Like a silly bike powered Bond Bug… how much fun would that be, we asked ourselves, and yes the answer would be much.

We saw vans that had been tortured beyond the reasonable, by being force fed a diet of very big amps, and speakers, that were almost splitting the vans from the inside out!. We were muchly impressed though at the capabilities of the fellows that could weald the power of a big screwdriver to squeeze so much in, to produce so many decibels of loudness out.

Yes, once again we must agree that Donny Show definitely starts the car event year with a very big bang, and was worth the visit as it usually is!. And what with Donny allowing us to let ten lucky people into the show from our competition, we reckon they are top people!. We’ll be back next year without question!

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