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Donny Show, the first event on Mental Motors calendar of places to visit!.
We gathered our bits and made our way up to Doncaster in SJ’s saxo. Its a long drive at best of times from our base, but when every doddery old fart seems to be out cruising the highways and byways taking in the views as they travel along in the fast lane of the Motorway it gets a bit tedious!.

But as we arrived in Doncaster, things didn’t get better, for two reasons… No.1 where did all those round-a-bouts come from.. I know its been a while since I was last up here… No.2 The traffic was something more than mental!… it took us over an hour just to get into Donny and find somewhere to park. Oh and number three… the rozzers made themselves present in the form of having a speed camera on a tripod set up just outside the race-course!.

We had been bright enough to pre-order our tickets, and so we could sail past the queues… and enter!.
I we did so I wondered if we’d entered the wrong event, forgetting that this was the Custom and Sports car show as I was confronted by a large quantity of 50’s yank tanks, (and some earlier ones)

It definitely ranked as one of the best events we’ve visited. But where were those super cars? Obviously we should have forced ourselves to get Steve to take his Lambo over to the event!

But there was something strange… it was a bit weird… here we were at a car based event, yes I repeat for those who were unsure, a CAR event. So how come I could have come away, if the price was right?, with a set of wooden patio chairs and a shed ? (and I don’t mean my trusty Scirocco!). Not was some quality garden furniture enough, but if we looked a little harder, we could go buy a pair of garden shears! What in car-shows name was going on here? we had do investigate further and find out the truth, because it was out there…..

But before we found ourselves buying a big fine beamed torch to wave aimlessly around when it got dark and foggy, we got bored and decided to enjoy the rest of the show!.

Myself and Sj made our way over to the Redline stand where our good friend Alana was working, making her presence known as one of Redlines newest employees. As we battled our way through all the sweet talking guys almost seducing Alana with their velvet tongues. One guy I could see had almost won the game, with the line I will remember should I ever need to do any chatting up in the future… try this line next time you see a sexy shapely girl you’d like to know more about… “Ere will you get yur tits out for mi mates video ee’s doing luv?” So we did the valiant thing, and rescued Alana ourselves, and.. oh.. yes… well she did indeed go topless for us!! see here *******

The majority of the show seemed to be made up of our favourite boy(yes SJ, and Girl )racer motors. But also there, were many custom cars, kitcars and 4×4 monster trucks. The burnouts being provided were definitely worth the pushing to see. There was some serious rubber being stripped off for all the crowd to see… we even saw a standard white pickup manage to kill its tires… hard work, but it did it.

There were most definitely too many hot pieces of metal on show to go into detail on everything there, but we do have to mention the babes wondering around. There was plenty of top totty to gawp at, and gawp I certainly did… thanks to all those that allowed me to picture them and smiled for the camera, which did indeed love you baby.. oh yeah… Even SJ got her baps out!

Although I spotted a bit of security over kill with this fine Ripspeed girl, yes she is petite and a good hard seeing to would probably have her mending herself with gaffer tape… but a minder THAT big? wow… and we spotted some very fine arse from the Fastcar mag girls… hmmmmmm mind you the Max Power babes certain would take a good licking… should I re-word that?….. nah…

Fireforce the Jetcar was inattendance, strange really since there was nowhere to run it… but it did sit infront of the spectators and make lots of noise and smoke to cheers from everyone… just it missed the 250mph excitement.. we did think about sabotaging the brakes to watch some explosive action but fortunately this nice copper dragged me off before I could do “anyone any harm”… ok I made that up… sad muppet!

My personal favourite was a blue Scirocco with a mental bodykit, and humongous stereo fitted.. more of that here Another notable car was a sexy green Saxo with a trick paint job that had flecks of metallic in its deep gloss… sexy!

Gorgeous Alana, posed for our camera, which we were lucky enough to arrange with her before the day of the show!

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